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How USIS Consulting can help

To further explore business opportunities in U.S., please contact our offices in the U.S. and Vietnam.  Our staffs will help you answer questions to assess your business potential in U.S.

Useful Links & Resources

Government, Trade & Investment

U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (AmCham)

U.S. Embassy & Consulate in Vietnam                

Vietnam Embassy in USA                                       

U.S. Industry Associations                                      

International Trade Administration                              

U.S. Food & Drug Administration                                   www.fda.gvov

U.S.Custom & Border Protection                           

U.S. International Trade Commission                   

U.S. Census Bureau                                                  

United Nation                                                                       UN Comtrade Database                                    

News and Media

ABC News                                                                  

CBS News                                                                  


Los Angeles Times                                                                   

NBC News                                                                              

New York Times                                                       

Wall Street Journal                                                   

Washington Post                                                        

Trade Shows & Trade Events

EventEyes                                                                             Trade Events in USA 2016-1017

Trade Show Calender                                                         Trade Show Center in U.S.

Trade Show Directory                                                         Trade Show in U.S

ExpoDatabase                                                                     Trade Shows in U.S.

10Times                                                                                USA Top 100 Events