Why Invest in Vietnam

The country has been cited as having the fastest growing middle class in the Southeast Asian region, with young consumers (63% under 35, median age 27) who will drive the right demographics for growth.

Over the past few years, manufacturing in Vietnam has taken an upturn, with renowned international firms such as Samsung Electronics, Intel and Siemens setting up factories in the country. This makes it attractive for manufacturers to manufacture in Vietnam as it can integrate Vietnam into its existing supply chains. Vietnam is also actively fostering a number of key emerging industries in its pursuit of rapid economic development.They are electronics, agricultural machinery, agro-fishery processing, and environmental industry and energy conservation. These industries are viewed as playing a leading role in attracting foreign investments and popularising technologies and skills in the economy.

Vietnam’s minimum wages are low compared to other countries in the region, which makes the country attractive for labor-intensive industries including textiles & footwear manufacturing, driving them to transfer their production to Vietnam. By taking advantage of its skilled workforce and low costs, Vietnam has emerged as one of the most successful manufacturing hubs in Asia. Vietnam is also considered as an emerging destination of sourcing for materials &manufacturing products as well as outsourcing for offshore services by taking advantages of its competitive resources to integrate Vietnam into the global supply chains through a growing network of free trade agreement.

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