Invest in Vietnam

Vietnam now becomes more internationally competitive and open to foreign investment with an average annual growth rate of 5.3%. Vietnam is committed to the long-term objective of global economic integration through participation in a growing network of free trade agreements ie. the WTO, the APEC, the ASEAN Free Trade Area (FTA), Vietnam – EU FTA, the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand FTA (AANZFTA) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP).

Long-term investment opportunities should increase in line with Vietnam's integration progress into the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), especially to the manufacturing sector and its supporting services. These prominent manufacturing industries such as textiles & footwear, furniture and electronics will enjoy expanded access to international markets through reduced tariff duties as a result of TPP once it has been enacted.

Foreign investors can focus on the retail, franchise, education, health care, consumer electronics, media, logistics, food and beverage industry, real estate and agriculture, with both direct private investments and over the counter.

The U.S. is now Vietnam’s largest export market and a major source of foreign direct investment, helping fuel Vietnam’s remarkable economic growth.