Who are we?

USIS Consulting is a professional consultant in integrated solutions and business development internationally.  It includes the process of business matching, the promotion of bilateral trade, international investment solutions for individuals and enterprises who have demand to live, work and develop business in Vietnam and in other countries in the world.

USIS Consulting consists a team of many multidisciplinary professionals, leverages the optimization model of international business development combined with the knowledge of doing business, resources and local relationships.  It also provides business development consultancy for international and Vietnamese enterprises based on customer needs.

We focus on two groups of customers:

1. International enterprises who need

  • Searching chances of exporting products or services to Vietnam
  • Finding sources of product or services for international supply chain
  • Finding business and trade partners in Vietnam
  • Trade promote and business matching in Vietnam
  • Direct business, M&A and franchise 

2. Vietnamese enterprises who need:

  • Searching export markets to USA
  • Searching products and services sources from USA
  • Finding business and trade partners in USA
  • Trade promote and business matching in USA
  • Direct business, M&A and franchise in USA
  • Real estate investment in USA

At USIS Consulting, our experts will provide tailored and specialized solutions to satisfy specific needs of your business in order to optimize successes and minimize risks for our customers.


USIS Consulting is a “one-stop” consulting services to promote trade investment between the United States and Vietnam.

USIS Consulting connects information, opportunities and supports business development, reliable for personal and businesses.


Effectively promote business development opportunities for personal and businesses as well as develop business and investment between U.S. and Vietnam through:

  • Provide commercial and investment information
  • Exploit the potential chances for exporting/ importing product and services
  • Look for opportunities to develop exporting markets
  • Attract, connect and facilitate opportunities for effective investment
  • Connect and promote international business relations
  • Have Trade and Investment Representatives
  • Build and promote brands at international markets

Core Values

USIS Consulting commits to nurture and to develop the following core values in order to serve customers and community:

  • Companion ‒  Commit to companion, collaboration and serve customers, business partners with best value for a long-term plan
  • Integrity ‒  Be integrity, honest and consistent in behavior which is suitable to ethical standards
  • Effectiveness - Orient to “do the right thing” and be responsible for duties and work